Vertical vs credit spreads in Singaporean options trading

Options trading is an advantageous way to make money in the stock market, but like any other strategy, it involves risk, and there are many different strategies available. One such strategy is Vertical spreads, including a bullish spread and bearish spread. 

These include purchasing one call option at a lower strike price and selling another call option with the same expiration date and at a higher strike price with the same expiration date. The primary difference between vertical spreads and credit spreads is that there is no initial cash payment for vertical spreads, while credit spreads require an initial outlay known as the ‘credit’.

What is a credit spread?

The most basic equation for calculating maximum profit for a bull put spread or bear call spread (the two components of a vertical spread) is: Max Profit = Strike Price of Short Call- Strike Price of Long Call-Net Premium Received

A vertical spread is constructed with the same expiration date for both options. A credit spread involves an initial outlay but has a higher return potential. The most basic equation for calculating maximum profit for a bull put spread or bear call spread (the two components of a credit spread) is: Max Profit = Strike Price of Short Put – Credit Received + Strike Price of Long Put – Net Premium Paid

Max Loss = Total Premium Paid – Maximum Profit

In this equation, the total premium paid refers to the total amount paid to establish the position and can be calculated as follows: Total Premium Paid = Initial Margin + Maintenance Margin.

Initial Margin is calculated as Initial Margin = 100% *(Short Put Strike Price + Short Put Premium Paid)

Maintenance Margin is calculated as Maintenance margin = 100% * (Short Put Strike Price – Long Put Strike Price)

What is a vertical spread?

The intrinsic value of the options contracts changes along with underlying stock prices. If options are allowed to expire, the loss incurred by vertical spread strategies increases over time. Credit spreads, however, do not incur any losses until the short position expires worthless.

Here is an example of a vertical spread: buying one put with a strike price of $1 and selling another put with a strike price of $2. This will be done simultaneously, thus creating the classic “vertical” spread.

You can also buy (go long) the first option and sell (go short) the second option, and both options have the same expiry date but different strike prices. The investor/trader seeks for this difference between the two strikes to widen significantly up to expiry, thereby allowing them to pocket cheap premiums. If that happens then, everything works out well for this position.

If that fails, however, one has created a credit spread which would mean taking on more risk than initially planned – since what was sold may have to be repurchased at a higher price than expected.

Differences between a credit spread and a vertical spread

A credit spread is the same “structure” as a vertical spread except that we take in / collect premiums from what we sold and don’t pay anything to buy the second option. 

This creates an asymmetry between risk and reward: if both options expire in the money, then one way or another, we lose money – this means that there is zero return on investment (ROI). If both options expire out-of-the-money, however, then again, one way or another, you lose – but although it may seem like losing twice, you still end up with some money in your pocket.

Bottom Line

Both vertical and credit spreads are types of options trading strategies that an investor can use to create a neutral or limited risk trade. Beginner traders interested in Singaporean options trading are advised to use a reputable online broker from Saxo Bank and trade on a demo account before investing real money.

Trending gifts for employees

Employee gifting is the practice of acknowledging and remunerating employees for their dedication to their jobs. Gifts not only help employees feel appreciated for their accomplishments, but they also benefit the organization by inspiring them to work even more. Corporate gifts are increasingly used as part of retention and engagement efforts. Maintaining civil ties with customers is also crucial and gifts help make those ties stronger. Here are some of the employee gifts that are trending in 2021.

Customized Gifts

Customized gifts are not new. They have been around for years and they are trending even today. This is because sending a really customized gift can help make a lasting impression. There are plenty of options that can highlight the recipient’s aspirations, interests, and causes. Team apparel, charitable donations, and experience gifts tailored to their hobbies can all help the employees feel truly recognized and appreciated at work.

Eco-friendly gifts

Giving environmentally friendly business presents is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Some customers and clients love to do business with organizations that care about the planet and the environment. Staff also take pride in working for environmentally conscious organizations. Sustainable development can be beneficial to both the environment and business. Providing eco-friendly gift baskets is good as they are free of plastic, reusable, and disposable.

eGift Cards

eGift Cards are electronic gift cards that can be sent to anyone.

If you are wondering why gift cards are still trending, this is because they never went out of style. Gift cards are simple, thoughtful, and cost-effective. Using a gift card ensures that everyone receives exactly what they desire. Gift certificates are especially useful for those unexpected gifts to thank a coworker who goes above and beyond. You can also easily personalize gift cards and add a personal touch to the gift.

Wellness kits

Wellness kits are also trending in 2021. This is because health and hygiene are something that everyone cares about and gifting wellness kits is an excellent choice to promote a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has been affected by the lockdown, and it has only made people more aware of their health and well-being. People are increasingly putting their health first. Health and well-being are important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These kits are an excellent present for persons who have been quarantined or who are unable to go outside owing to a lack of time or opportunity.

Can Business Coaching Provide the Right Fit?

Did you know that a business coach and an athlete both share the same basic guidelines? Coaches serve as skilled and trusted mentors, educators, and coaches to help an aspiring spirit conquer various personal and professional obstacles. If you share this same bond, then you’re ready to embark on the journey of becoming a coach yourself. Here are some steps to consider:

Learn About Coaching Skills.

As a coach, your primary responsibility is to inspire and motivate executives to achieve success. You need to gain a comprehensive understanding of coaching to enhance your chances of helping executives gain the upper hand in business success.

Identify the Challenges that Executives Face.

Most entrepreneurs will agree that they’ve faced many obstacles in their journey from aspiring entrepreneurs to successful entrepreneurs. To help these aspiring entrepreneurs overcome hurdles, identify their problems first. For instance, some small business owners may lack relevant network connections, while others may lack the expertise required to successfully launch a marketing campaign.

Set Goals.

As an Executive Coach Dallas in your new role, set realistic but achievable short, medium, and long-term goals. Short-term goals are those that will help you attain success in the shortest time possible. For example, if you plan to help the newly hired sales team to land a new position after two months on the job, you should set specific goals for them to meet after two months. Long-term plans are more critical, as they take time to achieve.

Know Your Competitors.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for business coaching is to study your most formidable competitors. Find out how they manage problems, set goals, and navigate the obstacles that come with running a business. The next level of preparation is to figure out what steps you can take to ensure that your business will have an easy time competing against your most formidable competitor.

Develop a Strategy.

In addition to studying your competitors, it’s also wise to invest time in creating a unique strategic plan. Dallas Business Coach can present this plan to your team during training sessions. They will help you map out a clear path for success, lay down a solid foundation, and identify the steps that need to be taken for you to get there. If you don’t know what these strategies are, find experts in the field. Consult with business coaches who are well experienced with the different dynamics involved in setting up a company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

It’s common for entrepreneurs to think of hiring a business coach as an admission of failure. Yet, it’s a mistake to assume that the only reason why a business coach is necessary is that you think you’re on a path to failure. Good coaches are not afraid to give constructive criticism when necessary. They’re capable of recognizing strengths and weaknesses in a business, but they do not set unreasonable expectations.

If you’re serious about achieving business coaching success, consider developing your own unique skill set. Most coaches specialize in particular areas, so it makes sense to explore possible areas to apply your skills. For example, if you’re an Internet marketing guru, consider sharing that skill set with a coach who works with small businesses. You might get more out of the experience if you’ve never applied a specific skill set before.

Developing your own leadership skills is particularly important. A coach can provide you with guidance and mentoring, but you must be willing to take responsibility for your own development. If you lack self-confidence, you’ll find it very difficult to make significant changes in your own business. A coach can undoubtedly provide you with the guidance you need, but without learning to be a self-starter, you’ll likely fail. Leadership success takes both confidence and self-belief.

Set Clear Business Goals.

One of the key benefits of business coaching is that you’ll learn how to set goals and achieve them. Many entrepreneurs believe that there’s an easy way to make money online–they say you can just put together a product, get a visitor to your site, and send them away. That isn’t the case, however. Successful business coaching involves creating a business plan and evaluating your own business goals. Once you have a set of measurable goals to aspire to, you can determine what steps you need to take to reach them.

Business coaches are experienced in helping individuals and teams achieve their goals. You may think you don’t need a coach, but you’d be wrong. The right coach can provide you with the guidance you need to create an environment where your team is thriving. Even if you’re not currently running a successful business, you can still use business coaches to help you develop a more successful business. You just need the right fit.

3 Reasons Your Business needs Retail Software Solutions

Business is changing constantly. Companies trying to make more profits and growth, keep trying to find better solutions for their companies. Sometimes these efforts fail, but other times the ideas come up with excellent moves.

One of the ideas for moving forward with your business is installing retail software solutions that will make a difference in your work. There are more different solutions out there, but they are all more or less effective. In this article, we’re talking more about why you should opt for something like this. Follow up if you want to learn more on the subject.

What are retail software solutions?

Every business has some sort of software that manages the bills and the payments. Unlike before when the cash register was opened manually, today, everything’s computerized. To have the bill handed to a customer, the computer must process all the products they’ve bought.

It may sound simple, as we see it from a customer perspective, but what we see at the payment point is not everything that is done. After we live, and at the end of the day, the employees need to make precise calculations about what was sold and how much money is in the register.

It’s a complex task that requires computer help. This is where the software for retail stores comes into play. Depending on how advanced it is, the more benefits the company will have from them. That’s why getting a modern and advanced one is always a great idea.

There are many different software solutions, depending on what you need and what you are looking for. There’s PPS, POS, inventory management software, ERP, E-stores, and so on. They are all great in their segment of work. Think about what you need, and look online for the best solution. Learn more about it here.

1. Helps with the strict law requirements

The law is strict when it comes to how much money you have in the register. If the inspectors come in unannounced, and you have just a one-cent difference in the register, you’ll be under the suspicion of committing fraud.

You probably know that paying taxes is one of the most important issues that the US government worries about. If you’re caught trying to avoid it, you’ll be severely punished. This is why you should have software that will be highly precise in the calculations. A computer’s never wrong, so be sure that this is a great idea.

At the end of the day, with the help of the software, you’ll have everything in order. Not just with the money in the register, but if you have the adequate type, you’ll know exactly how much stock there is, where everything is, and what needs to be ordered additionally.

2. Its more affordable

Having software doing the harsh calculations that might go into small cents is an issue that all employees hate. They’d rather quit their job than spending hours after work trying to make sense of where some of their money went during the day.

With the help of retail software, this won’t be necessary. They can rely on the program to accept and return the exact amount of money for their customers. The same goes for everything else in the store. Without the appropriate software today, business seems to be difficult.

You’ll need to hire more people to do the calculations or pay the already existing employees to spend more time after work and make sure that everything’s done right. There’s not enough time during the day to have everything sorted out. A computer program comes with a much more affordable price. Learn more about the history of industry computerization here:

3. Makes work simple and easy for employees

Aside from having the employees relaxed that they don’t have to spend tons of hours doing calculations and double-checking everything, with a computer program you make their time on the job much easier and relaxed. It’s crucial to have happy employees, as they are going to provide a better experience for the customers.

You’ll have everything managed perfectly, and everyone will be happy. Also, it’s going to be unbelievable that someone made a mistake serving the clients. If everything’s automated and computerized, then clients won’t have the chance to get the wrong product or receive the wrong amount of change. Computers don’t make mistakes.


Running a business these days without having the appropriate retail software solution is impossible. If you don’t let computers do their job, then your employees will struggle. With them, your company will also struggle, as there’s no successful business without happy people working for its success.

Take a look at the points from above one more time, and understand why there’s no business without the perfect program to help you run it.

Smart Ways to Succeed in ETF Trading Industry

Enormous profits can be generated by trading Forex. If you follow and maintain the strategies, you can gain your desired success very quickly. If you start to manage your trading based on arranging a good plan then you are on the right track. Some concrete techniques and methods are responsible for driving successful trading. Today, we will know about the suitable ways a=that are used to succeed in Forex trading.

Smart ways to succeed in Forex trading

Improve the suitable trading plan

When you are about to start your ETF trading journey, you must develop a suitable plan. If you do not establish one and follow it, your journey will not be smooth. Most newbies often make the same mistake. They try to earn money without following any strategic plan. It is almost impossible to survive in such a competitive financial industry without having and following a plan. They do not know what to do if there is a challenging situation. As a result, the assets turn into a loss. Try to learn about the following facts

  • Know the amount of risk you can afford to take
  • Suitable time for entering the market
  • Proper planning to exit a business deal
  • Protecting the trade by using a stop loss
  • Try to understand the market condition

Using money management tactics

If you want to balance the loss and profit, you should take some preventative steps to help control your money and the amount of risk exposure. Professionals and experienced trader in Hong Kong always suggest that you should risk an amount you can afford to lose. So try to balance the profit target by controlling the risk. Money management is a broader topic, so you have to be aware of the exact profit/loss ratio.

Use protective stop loss orders

If you continuously use poor money management techniques and flawed plan, this error can occur in any situation. After entering the ETF trading industry, use protective stop loss orders. Some investors use am imaginary stop-loss order, but it is not very useful. Try to use a real stop loss order. Some traders use the imagined ones just for their past performances. This situation can be changed by the direction of the movement of the market. If the stop order is in the wrong place, it will conduct an incorrect analysis.

Maintain the time to close the trades

A bigger mistake traders often make is not closing trades in a timely manner. They take the minor profits continuously, and the loss grows slowly. This can happen when you do not have a proper trading plan. After losing one or two trades, try to take a minor profit target on for the next order. It will help you to manage the damage from past performances. Traders allow the loss to grow. Even professionals do the same thing. You start a trade and do not know where to stop or when to change direction. It is so rare that loss happens, and instantly the market condition has changed. So, using a stop-loss order can be an effective solution to these types of problems.

Keep the same strategic plan

Forex is a worldwide market. It gives 24/5 service. So, you are not the only person who is trading at the same time. It is always important to stick to a plan. Some brokers will suggest that you use multiple techniques. But try to avoid this because the same trading plan that you used for profit is suitable for making a profit. If you change it too much, it may be detrimental. So, it is better not to completely transform a strategic plan, which has shown to be successful in past trades.

Why Is Training Employees Important?

Aside from the need to train your employees to become better workers and understand what is it that your company is doing, you also must train them to become better colleagues.

Very often, companies organize team-building activities. These activities are great for company employees to bond and become closer. It is proven that this way, the overall productivity in companies grow and everyone benefits from people being close to each other. See why team building is important here.

However, sometimes there are other issues that need to be taken into consideration. These issues are what often employers insist on working. In this article, we’ll go over a few of them and show you why it’s important to have some of the many employee training that will make the workplace a much better working environment. Follow up if you want to know more!

What are usually employees trained with?

Most often the new workers in a company go through a standard course in which they’ll be thought about how thing run in the office. However, sometimes the experienced ones also go through a similar process in which they’ll learn some new skills and gain new capabilities that will be useful both for them and the firm.

These types are the most common but they are not always the most useful. More often than not, working in the same office might become impossible because of a single person. We’re all different individuals and not everyone has learned over time how to act in a working environment.

Sensitivity Training

In a world of differences, the offices are now filled with all kinds of people having a different understanding of life. Different races, religions, beliefs, and so on. Everyone has something that is proud of and going after it in an ordinary conversation for a joke is not the best thing to do in the workspace.

So how does this method work? The sensitivity training will teach these people who like to joke with others that it’s not the best thing to do. Jokes are great but some things go over the line. The training will explain this in words that they can understand. It will make sure that they are not going to do it again.

The benefit is that the team stays strong, everyone respects each other and the community gains more productivity and motivation to work for the greater good.

Training for licenses

When the firm gets into a new project or needs something done differently, they are not going to get new workers and fire the old ones. Building a team that can be trusted and is loyal can be hard to get so employers often choose the same people for conducting different tasks.

For this, they ask them to retrain and take courses in achieving something that will be excellent for the company. For example, if you work with one type of engineers and you need another type, it’s better to use the same people.

These guys will already be loyal to you, appreciate the opportunity to educate themselves and gain another skill that can be added to the portfolio, and finally, you as an employer will be the one that benefits from the entire thing.

Instead of going back and forth with hiring new people and letting them go as you juggle through different tasks and projects, it’s best to have the same people learning new things over and over again. You’ll be working together as a team, and the team always wins.

What if they don’t want to do training?

Sometimes you come across people who are not willing to do what you ask them to do outside their regular job description. Not everyone is happy to learn something new. Most people are satisfied with what they know and won’t be very happy to go and listen to someone else tell them what to do.

Especially when it comes to sensitivity training, you can be sure that those people causing the most problem will be the least happy to go and listen to how they did something wrong. It’s like detention for them, and they might refuse to do something like this.

In these cases, you need to make a calculation what is more beneficial for you – is it letting go of these people and keeping the environment or keeping the employee because they are worthy for your business and risking the environment. See more about employee value here:


These few points should tell you how employee training is important. Without it, a lot of the people working for you won’t be aware of their behavior and capabilities in the office. Sometimes people seem like poor workers but once they go to training for a new skill, they turn into something unrecognizable – something that will sweep everyone off their feet.

Maintenance expenses for your rental property

Rental property is a boon as you get investment by investing for rentals. Though the apartments also require maintenance. It is not just about collecting the rent from your tenant. Property maintenance includes seasonal support, emergency maintenance, and many more. provide you complete guide regarding maintenance.

Go through the following points for more information regarding maintaining your property.

Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance includes cleaning of your interior and exterior of the rental property. It is essential to clean your rental property regularly for protecting it from getting spoiled. The landlords collect a fixed or slightly variable cost for maintaining their rentals. The cleansing may involve the landscape, garbage, or recycling collection. This will also provide your tenants with a happy, safe, and clean place to live.

Seasonal maintenance

This leads to maintaining your rentals seasonally. The cleansing is to be done before you welcome any season. Make sure to make the house moisture-free, during autumn cleaning. Make sure to clean outdoors well before entering into the summer season after winters clean the snow that stuck to your backyards.

Appliance maintenance

If you provide the appliances for maintenance to the tenants, no matter how much you say them to look after they always forget. This is the reason; you should keep track of and maintain the appliances. A landlord will benefit by investing the time and maintaining the tools so that they can be used for an extended period of duration.

Emergency maintenance

A landlord has to keep maintaining the house. Although, a landlord can receive a call from a tenant whenever he got emergency maintenance like spoiling of the heater in the snow time or burst of water pipe in the midnight. He has to be ready for a call from their tenants for such maintenance.


As being a homeowner face a regular repair in the house, so a landlord has to look after his home. Nothing is permanent in the world. The flooring, roofs, paint, everything needs to be maintained some another day. You have to look after each and everything. The things that require replacement should be replaced with the urgent need. This will also create a right image of the landlord for their tenants. Also, this will keep the tenants happy and healthy.

Many other replacements should be done like landscaping, pest control, flooring, painting, etc. Everything needs maintenance.

Las mejores técnicas para simplificar la contabilidad de un emprendedor

Categorías de gastos. Ya ocean que se trate de una categoría miscelánea, educativa o relacionada con el trabajo, un usuario puede filtrar los gastos de acuerdo con el propósito y no mezclar los datos para la siguiente declaración de impuestos eficiente. Informe sobre la caridad. Si su entidad recibe y dona dinero, tenga la costumbre de obtener documentación comprobada sobre stories operaciones. Por lo tanto, no habrá más chequeos inesperados del gobierno. El programa de contabilidad o, en otras palabras, de contabilidad para entidades comerciales puede servir como ayuda para reducir el tipo de trabajo manual y, en consecuencia, el uso de documentos que luego contribuirán al cuidado del medio ambiente. Además, el programa de contabilidad basado en la nube facilita la cooperación entre los departamentos o empresas ubicadas en todo el mundo. 

Por supuesto, no hablamos de al menos una formación mínima o, en el mejor de los casos, un título en finanzas. Luego, si se siguen todos estos factores, proceda a los hacks adicionales en contabilidad: 

1. Definir entre herramientas de contabilidad y contabilidad. Ambos programa de contabilidad tienen las mismas capacidades y funcionalidades, pero en realidad, lo único que los diferencia es un precio. El programa de contabilidad es un poco más caro. Pero se considera como la diferencia ridícula si se basa en las mismas características. 

2. Control de inventario. El inventario es a veces la actividad más aterradora, especialmente si se habla de la esfera de la hospitalidad. La pérdida de liquor o el deterioro de los productos hace que los controladores de costos piensen en manipular los números para informar frente al gobierno. Aquí el programa de contabilidad administrativo y contable servirá lo mejor posible para predecir las posibles variaciones. 

3. Informe sobre la caridad. Si su entidad recibe y dona dinero, tenga la costumbre de obtener documentación comprobada sobre stories operaciones. Por lo tanto, no habrá más chequeos inesperados del gobierno. 

4. Mantener registros. Intenta rastrear y grabar cada centavo. Puede referirse a los gastos y ganancias, como las ganancias y pérdidas de la empresa. Tenga especialmente en cuenta las variaciones en los informes que pueden generar costos adicionales. El programa de contabilidad para pequeñas empresas permite enlistment center toda la información escrita mientras trabaja en línea. 

5. No mezcle costos personales y comerciales. Siempre debe haber dos cuentas separadas si se trata de los ingresos. Este caso también se refiere a los eventos en los que invierte su dinero en la ampliación de los activos comerciales. 

6. Copias de seguridad. Para estar seguro de la seguridad de los datos, intente averiguar cuántas veces el software organiza automáticamente la copia de seguridad. Al menos debería suceder una vez al día. 

7. Herramienta de localización. Significa que algún programa de contabilidad en línea permite a los usuarios ver la ubicación exacta donde se abrió la factura. Y, en consecuencia, ayudará a deshacerse de las declaraciones de clientes como “Nunca lo recibí”.

Business management training courses for the best work


One can go with the business management training courses that come with the need of the cross functional business case and can work with next career move. Work in the form of business management training courses which are the perfect one in order to offer the real boost to all kinds of high potential young manager this can also help them to go with a greater responsibility as well as deliver more to the company one controls to go with the top reasons that can allow the best quality in terms of the top business school is can also work with the business management training courses The ideas can be the best one in terms of preparing for turbulent times they can be the best one in terms of the economic political as well as social turbulence. It can be the best one in terms of private as well as public organizations. They can be confronted with the financial instability new operational new competitors as well as supply chain issues.

Giving the new opportunities

They can also go with all kinds of new opportunities. The idea can also work with the complex reality that convert with generations of leaders. It can help to learn to lead through one can choose to go with a grocery list of old business that can work in terms of the tactics they can be the best one in terms of the business management. You can also go with plenty of courses that can be implemented in terms of better understanding of the real world picture. It can be the best one in terms of business challenges that can be applied in the identification of new opportunities. They can go with positions of higher responsibility. There are also ideas to go with good management training programs, all of which can be the best one in the future.

Getting additional benefit with the service

 One can also choose to go with the solid footing that can work with the knowledge of the business fundamentals. Business training program is something which can work in the school as well as in the job a business management training can be the best one in terms of the top business schools that can take into consideration the understanding of finance, marketing innovation operations as well as strategy. One can choose to go with a solid grounding which can work with functions. It has the best business management courses, which can be integrated across the functions in order to drive the best business results. One can choose to go with the top business and investment that can work in terms of the young talent it is something which can expect results on the investment.

Granting the convenience of work

It can also work with business management training courses that can offer all kinds of opportunity to show the confidence this is something which can help to go with the contribution of the right projects that can be directly reflected to the job.


One can choose to go with the learning and capitalization of the new opportunities that can drive the business development training. It can also help to generate real returns that can work for the company as well as career.